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3D Printing Overview

The machines become self-aware and start to take out the human race.

3D printing is here to stay and is slowly changing the face of manufacturing for the better.

The days where you have to take an idea to someone to have a prototype created.

The process that involves can now be in your home, businesses, and schools.


3d printing



3D printing options


3d printing has the power to create just about anything you can think.

There are several 3d printing options to choose from when determining what to buy.

Each one has pros and cons and different materials each one can use.

There are hundreds of different materials to choose from but not every printer can use all the materials.

What you want to build will largely determine which printer is right for you.


3d printed shoes


What 3D Printing is Doing to Help


Not very many people had faith in 3D printing when it first made its appearance, believing it to be just another fad that would disappear with the rest.

However, it has become such an integral part of technology and how industries create their products.


They are starting to infiltrate almost every field that exists, from entertainment, to fashion, to the medical field.

For example, one of the latest 3D printers used by a company called Touchable Memories is being used to help those who have become visually impaired.

Through the utilization of the 3D printing options on hand, they have created three-dimensional models of photographs that they can touch and feel, so it’s almost like experiencing the real thing.

The 3D model for the injured has been quite a breakthrough in helping those who are losing their eyesight to connect still with those memories recorded in photographs.




Another such breakthrough is the use of the 3D printers and their options to build new body parts.

The latest story is that medical scientists have managed to make a new ankle for a cancer patient, providing him with the foundation to be able to walk again.

When the patient diagnosed with cancer of the heel, it was recommended that he lose the entire leg.

However, with the modern technology of 3D printing, which no longer has to be the case.

3D printing is capable of replicating even the smallest of details, making it perfect in the medical field for producing just about any part of the body that needs replacing.




Also in the medical field, along with creating new organs and developing new prostheses, the best 3D printers are starting to produce customized medication.

Each patient reacts differently to certain kinds of medicines, and it can be difficult to find the right dosage for them without too many detrimental side effects.

However, 3D printing provides the answers that pharmacists and medical doctors have been looking.

Outside of the filament that is used to contain the medications, which is harmless to the body, different percentages and doses can be programmed into the printer to insert the right level of medication for the patient.

These details can then be kept on record when a refill needs to make or there need to be adjustments in the future, maintaining the patient healthy and well-balanced.




It is through the development of the latest 3D printers that such technology is at our fingertips. Who can say what new ideas and miracles of technology can develop in the future with the best 3D printers and all their options at one’s disposal?

Who can say what new ideas and miracles of technology can develop in the future with the best 3D printers and all their options at one’s disposal?


3D Printing Technology – The Age for Kids


3D Printing Technology is going to see its biggest growth when people stop marketing it like it’s only for designers and manufacturers.

The main things you can print right now with a desktop 3D printer are plastic toys.

When a brand wants to show off its new consumer 3D printer, it’s all about having one in your school’s design class.


Practical 3D Printers Book


Newer generation


The newer generation printers come with the same price tag as a play station, iMac or Xbox.

They are for the kids.

As the 3D printing technology, quality, price, and usability fall within the range of a game console parents are going to be in new competition to get the best most updated model for their children.

And every weekend Timmy and his friends are going to run around the neighborhood scaring each other with the bugs they printed out after their homework.

And when the squirt gun fight’s winner decided by the dad who 3d printed the best Super Soakers out for his kid’s team you’re going to see major growth in the industry.

When little Sophie can 3d print out cooler chairs, tables, and rooms for her doll house then the princes’ next door, you are going to see the pink 3D printers (think Easy Bake Oven) start selling more than the black and blue ones (think creepy crawlers).

As the software gets easier to use and more projects get promoted that make the printers cool people will begin to catch on.


3d printing technology


The era in 3D printing is the age for kids.

As 3D Printing Technology grows, you are going to see the kids using that technology grow with it becoming adults.

That’s when the real innovation happens.

If you’re a printer manufacturer, think about how you present your printer.

Make your printers so easy to program and use that a 10-year-old could do it.

Come out with templates so a kid can sit on their iPad and pull tentacles, eyes, and wings onto their chosen body type like their online playing Spore.

Click, print, and they can create creatures from their imagination and be the star of the show and tell.

There go our sales through the roof again.

We’re in exciting times with 3D printing.



3D Printed Archirtectural Model


Improvements and price drops of the machines are running into an increased variety of materials, better software, and cheaper 3D scanners.

I’m excited for when the Thingiverse marketplace filled with more and more projects a group of kids could get behind.

Rather than the plethora of plastic trinkets and one off fixer-upper projects that dominate its pages now.


Reasons to buy a 3D printer

  • Foster your creativity. 3D printing technology is simple, easy to learn and use. You do not even have to make the effort of designing a product as there are many different databases of 3d models available online at no cost. But of course, nothing is more satisfying than being able to reproduce your creations, even if it is a simple box. You would always be more proud of it.
  • Design and produce your presents, furniture, gadgets, toys. People will never again have the sensation of being in another IKEA house when they visit you. If you are a good designer, you can even sell your creations in a flea market.
  • Instant glue and you won’t be best friends anymore. You won’t have to buy a spare PART ever again; you will just reproduce it. Even if it is a complex piece, you will probably find someone who has already faced the same problem and has better CAD design skills.
  • Be a member of the open community. Acquiring a 3D printer is not just a product you buy and use. You will seduce by the dynamic community of users and producers, a community which made it possible for 3D printers to be available today at a reasonable price. And they probably revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Is the car the next victim of the Open community? We hope so.
  • Decrease CO2 global emission. Your little contribution may have an impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions caused by transport of goods from overseas. Also, PLA plastic is biodegradable and will not harm the environment.


Comparing printers


We hope here at to serve you in making your decision on a 3D printer.

We will be adding reviews to help aid you in your purchasing decision as well as news around the industry.

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