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AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer Review

This AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer is one of the few with 3D Scanning and 3D Printing capabilities together. A single button press enables users to scan, print and reproduce 3D objects.

AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer is the first 3D printing and 3D scanning machine that introduced powerful built-in computer. AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer is also leading the introduction of applications on the device.


Zeus AIO Robotics

AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer

Zeus AIO Robotics is a high-tech startup that targets the 3D printer business with innovative All-In-One 3D devices.  By automating the procedure of 3D scanning services and 3D printing, the products shall make this technology accessible to everyone.

The mission is to bring 3D Printers into small businesses, schools, and households by making 3D printing as easy as 2D printing. AIO Robotics founded in 2013 in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The mission or idea with this particular 3D Printer or 3D Scanner was to create a ‘stand-alone’ and ready-to-use device. That is critical to people starting in this new 3D world. Besides, due to its high precision, accuracy, and features, advanced users also congratulate this 3D machine.

AIO Robotics Facebook page here. One interesting fact is that AIO regularly creates new applications to the 3D Device. That is why you will receive constant upgrades and new features. The software is an essential tool in a 3D Printer and a 3D Scanner, so that will help a lot!

AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer Features

AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer

  • Automatic calibration and bed leveling guarantees perfect 3D prints and 3D scans.
  • Multicolor 3D Printing (you can quickly change color filaments)
  • Mount Dimensions: 8.0 x 6.0 x 5.7″.
  • 80 Micron Resolution.
  • Fax sending option.
  • Study Volume: 5″ Height x 9″ Broadness.
  • Detachable Extruder & Turntable.
  • Onboard Figure Watcher, Editor, & Slicer. You can customize your 3D Scans directly on the touch-screen.
  • USB and Internet Data Transfer.
  • PLA Filament Supported.
  • 7-inch Full Color Touchscreen.
  • Standalone – No PC Requisite.
  • Plug-and-Play ready in ten minutes.
  • Internet-Enabled (wifi or cable).
  • 3D Scan Technology: cutting edge laser triangulation technology.

AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer Review


AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D PrinterThe AIO Robotics ZEUS All-in-One 3D Printer, Scanner, Copier, & Fax.

You are in front of one of the few, and unique 3D Devices that comprises a 3D Scan and onboard 3D Software included with the 3D Printer.

Most of the 3D printers available in the market do not come with 3D Scanning capabilities. Built-In 3D Software it is also an excellent feature. Also, with this 3D software, you can modify your 3D prints just after the 3D scanning process.

3D Scans

The Laser Triangulation Technology will allow you to 3D Scan your models with high accuracy.

3D Prints

Automated calibration, and bed-leveling permit you to quickly and efficiently create your 3D Models. You can use compatible PLA filaments or the eco-friendly and several others that provide AIO Robotics.



  • ExcelFil Snow White PLA 1.75mm.
  • Loading the filament is relatively easy.


AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer

The 3D Printer / 3D Scanner is ‘plug and play’. You do not need to install any software.

The touch display is easy to understand. The OS is a standard Ubuntu running on the ARM Board.

They continuously fix bugs and add new features. You can report them any bug, and they will be happy to solve.

AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer connects to the internet. You can download any 3D CAD models from different repositories for 3D printing.


Zeus Company developed all the modeling parts of the AIO Robotics Zeus compactly so they are easy to bring out for cleaning.

On-Board Functionality

Built-In Search

  • Obtain 3D Models from on-line Databases.
  • ZEUS joined to MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse.
  • Directly Download (at the touch of a button), Modify, and 3D Print on the AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer.

Combined Design Editor

  • Onboard Style STL files (and many other formats OBJ PLY etc.) before Slicing.
  • Scale, Stretch and Turn your 3D Design.
  • Combine many 3D Prints to one Printing Method.


Zeus Company wisely includes ways that will help you if you have any problem. They include a reporting feature (one touch button) where you can report any issue directly to Zeus engineers. The engineers usually reply fast and in an accurate manner. Besides, both the extruder and turntable are easily removable, allowing minimal downtime if a problem happens.

Other questions

Can you 3D print to the AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer with Solidworks?

AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer

The AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer is open source. That is the reason why you can use Solidworks, Google Sketchup, and other 3D Softwares. The are also 3D Conversion utilities that can convert your STL files to any other file formats.

Then you can use any 3D Software on the market by using the file formats they require. STL file format is the format the AIO Robotics 3D Printer uses.

Which materials can I 3D Print with this 3D Device?

AIO Robotics Zeus 3D Printer prints in PLA plastics. Some people reported that they used PETG and Wood composite PLA filament and it worked as well.

AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer Conclusion

AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer

3D printers can be as cheaply as $200 and 3D scanners the about the same price. But increasing the features and details of those together getting them to interact properly is hard. In addition, allowing to transfer and modify the 3D files are definitely a very good option.

The AIO Robotics Zeus 3D Printer is expensive, but it has a complete lot of features. You are for certain obtaining something to pay out its cost.

Its verdicts are remarkably, and the additional built-in 3D Scanning device is pretty comparable to the MakerBot Digitizer. I would assert that this price is typically low. If you desire a 3D Printer fused with a 3D Scanner and you need to have incredible 3D prints, this is the first to consider.

AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer

Finally, the AIO Robotics Zeus All In One 3D Printer is one of the most trustworthy 3D Printer. Compared to commercial printers, it works very well.

The 3D device has a lower accuracy compared to much more expensive 3D Printers and 3D Scanners, but it is inexpensive to operate. Finally, customer service is excellent. Remarkable features are its durability and overall effectiveness.