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MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer Review

Read this Makerbot Replicator 3D Printer Review to have a better understanding of the 3D Printer. If you are thinking of purchasing a cheap 3D printer, the MakerBot Replicator can surely be one of the best choices you can always have.


When you need performance, service guaranty, precise printing, surveillance, real control and all the necessary measures all at once out of a printer, then surely the Makerbot Replicator is truly a complying product. 

For your better convenience of understanding, you might want to have a look at some of the credible characteristics of this product.

Features of the MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer Review

5-inch screen

There is crystal clear 3.5” screen right on the frontal lid of the product; that lets you have total control on your 3D prints.

Makerbot Replicator 3D Printer Review

Internal surveillance camera

You can check your printing status through an inbuilt camera set at the right top-back portion inside the print area.

makerbot replicator

Printing resolution

100-micron layer resolution printing just makes the creation as lively as possible. This resolution is the feature that makes this product unique than others.

Makerbot Replicator 3D Printer Review


The Makerbot is a cloud and app active device which lets you have it connected with any devices for 3D printing such as, desktops, laptops, tabs, etc.

There are more features in this product which are way more to blow your mind. Make sure that you’ve connected the printer perfectly and have held the product steadily in an absolutely aligned plane. Then you are ready to go for astounding 3D printing outputs!

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Afinia H480 3D Printer Review

The AFINIA H480 3D Printer H-Series supplies the ideal combination of accuracy and affordable pricing for your 3D printing needs. The Afinia H480 3D Printer provides a true “Out of the Box 3D Printing Experience”. The Afinia H480 Sale comprises the accessory kit, roll of fiber, and easy to fix software. Available for both the PC and Mac.


Make Magazine granted the Afinia H480 3D Printer as the “Best Overall Experience” with “Easiest Setup” and “Easiest To Use” in their 3D Printing Buyer’s Guide.

Description of the AFINIA H480 3D Printer

The AFINIA H480 3D Printer H-Series can prototype a part or model that is up to 5 inches cubed in dimensions. The output is accurate to within .15mm (6 thousandths of an inch). It has 30% of the strength of injection molded parts.

AFINIA H480 3D Printer

The AFINIA H480 3D Printer Software features an easy-to-use interface for laying out, orienting, duplicating, and scaling parts. The H480 highlights new automated platform leveling and nozzle height detection, delivering proper setup a breeze for anybody.

Only use the added tool to calibrate the printer, and within minutes, you are printing. The AFINIA H480 3D Printer easily imports STL files. You can customize the output regarding the amount of support material and “raft” (base support) printed.

The Afinia H480 Sale is a user-friendly printer, but what it boasts in user-friendliness lacks in function. With a price range of $1000-$2000, the Afinia H480 is one of the cheaper 3D printers on the market. It is an attractive prospect for those who want to print their 3D creations, but do not want to break the bank to do so.

The AFINIA H480 3D Printer is pre-assembled when you buy it, which means that you do not have to toil with small pieces and confusing directions to just assemble the device to make it ready to use.

In the following few sections, we will discuss the essential features and functions of the Afinia H480 Sale and will analyze as to present an overview of this printer’s performance and functionality, especially for personal use.

Independent Functionality Afinia H480 Sale

The technology behind the Afinia H480 Sale allows it to work just as well in standalone mode as it does when connected to a computer or laptop. This point suggests that if already you have begun your design, the USB cable can be disconnected, and the project you are working on will complete in its entirety with no interruptions or errors.


Though this printer can work well when disconnected from a computer, the items it can print are quite small, measuring in at only about 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches.

Filaments Afinia H480 Sale

The Afinia H480 operates at a print speed of 30mm per second. This speed is slower than most other printers on the market though there is no doubt that the extra time it takes to turn designs into objects is well worth it.

Afinia H480 Sale

The variety of objects you can create is astounding and will undoubtedly make up for the slower printing speeds. The two filaments accepted by the Afinia H480 Sale are ABS and PLA. Those are the two most common filaments available.

Included with the Afinia H480 Sale is a standard white filament much like what you will find included with just about every other personal 3D printer on the market. The purchase pack includes only one white filament. Nevertheless, the Afinia website sells filament in a variety of other colors as to make your designs more appealing.

Safety Precautions Afinia H480 Sale

Afinia H480 Sale

One of the biggest drawbacks to the Afinia H480 Sale is the fact that it poses a potential safety concern to those who use it.

The composition plate must heat up to 110°C to complete a 3D print. As a consequence; you need to be cautious when working with this device. This hot temperature, coupled with a relatively unenclosed printing plate means that young children who may come across the printer are at risk of putting their hands on it and severely hurting themselves. Luckily there is safety instruction included with the printer which explains all the necessary precautions.

Software Afinia H480 Sale

Afinia H480 Sale

The Afinia H480 does not require you to spend an excessive amount of money on software. The package includes a compatible software with your purchase. Also included are a USB cable and a power supply, though these are standard additions to most 3D printers.

It is imperative that you do not neglect your USB cable because that is the only way which your printer can communicate with your computer. Unlike many other personal 3D printers, the Afinia H is not able to operate wirelessly.

Specifications of the AFINIA H480

  • Fully assembled- plug and play.
  • Print up to 5 inches cubed.
  • Accurate output down to 0.15mm.
  • Auto platform leveling.
  • Auto nozzle height detection.

Conclusion Afinia H480 Sale

The Afinia H480 is one of the best 3D printers because it can be purchased inexpensively while still being able to deliver reliable and precise creations that you would only expect from more expensive printers. Its one drawback is the lack of safety features, though a little bit of caution is all you need to avoid any accidents.


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Artec Eva 3D Scanner Review

For the fabulous versatile handheld scanner, the engineers at Digital Scan 3D (DS3D) promote the Artec 3D Scanner or Eva 3D Scanner. This Artec Eva 3D Scanner is exemplary for scanning medium to big size objects with reasonable accuracy. Also, the 3D scanner can capture the object in full color and composition.


The Eva was the first and only 3D scanner to scan the President of the United States. It was the first 3D Printing presidential bust to complete. 


This remained a testament to Eva’s experience to 3D scan the individual body. It supports our endorsement that this Artec 3D Scanner is the natural fit for developing prosthetics, orthopedics, and aiding in plastic surgery.

Artec 3D Scanner

The Eva 3D Scanner is comparable to a video camera that achieves in 3D. The Eva 3D Scanner captures up to 16 structures per second. Besides, it is similar to a video camera which captures in 3D. You can regulate frames automatically in real-time, which creates scanning quick and convenient.

The Artec 3D Scanner is ideal for the creation of special effects, medical and biomechanical experimentation. Remarkably movable, you can practice these hand-held 3D scanners in the lab, onsite at your location, or outside. You can use the Artec 3D Scanner designs for the medicine industry, for animation, and may others.

Eva 3D Scanner

The Artec 3D Scanner video-based scanners’ prime checking rate of up to 500,000 points per second make them multiple times faster than laser scanners. The Artec 3D Scanner can be used to scan transferring objects as well as permanent ones. That opens new possibilities to customers where motion capture is necessitated as well as in more traditional industries.

You can use the Artec 3D Scanner to scan transferring objects as well as permanent ones. That opens new possibilities to customers where motion capture is necessitated as well as in more traditional industries.

The only bad thing is the price. The Eva 3D Scanner is still very expensive. Considering the price, you can try other options like the Makerbot 3D Scanner, the BQ Ciclop 3D Scanner or the David 3D Scanner. Those are less expensive and have also great features and precision.

Main Uses Artec Eva 3D Scanner

Industrial Design and Manufacturing Artec 3D Scanner

Developing new goods models, taking the measurements of objects with complex geometry or automating the workflow at production facilities used to take a lot of time to accomplish.


Now, you can perform this in a matter of minutes or hours with Artec 3D scanning technology. You can use the 3D scanners to capture just about any industrial object immediately. From a modest mechanical part to a turbine, with astonishing efficiency.

You can transport the resulting 3D model to a variety of CAD & CAM programs and from there measured and modified to improve the product’s design and performance or integrate it into a new production system.

Healthcare Eva 3D Scanner

Artec 3D Scanner

Designing customized prosthetic, and orthotic appliances require real precision and paying close attentiveness to the patient’s particular anatomy. That’s where Artec 3D scanners evidence to be indispensable devices.

They successfully produce quick and detailed scans of the skeleton or body elements, even if the person moves around a little throughout scanning.

Artec scanners use structured light and posture no risk to the health of the person scanned. They quickly capture the geometry of the body. Moreover, they don’t need any reference targets to attach to the patient’s body.

Science and Education Artec Eva 3D Scanner


Universities, colleges, and laboratories are encompassing 3D scanning as a valuable tool that allows students and researchers to analyze artifacts in greater detail than ever before without risking hurting them.

Eva 3D Scanner

The world’s leading museums also use Artec 3D scanners to digitize objects and build online galleries. Thus, facilitating access to their acquisitions for art specialists and academics independent of where you are.

You can view original objects isolated from following the glass at museums. You can survey their 3D copies from any angle and in alternative resolutions.

Art and Design Artec Eva

Artec 3D Scanner

3D scanning opens up unlimited possibilities for artists of any kind. 3D scanning enables them to translate their most outlandish ideas into reality.

The technology pushes forward the movie industry and video games. Numerous performances and visual effects would be challenging or even impossible to bring off before the advent of 3D scanning.

Artec has perfected the technology to produce 3D scanners that have become the preferred opportunity for obtaining top-grossing Hollywood blockbusters. For example, World War Z, Terminator Genisys, Jurassic World and much more.

While encouraging create new articles of art, Artec also takes care of old artifacts and buildings. 3D Artec digitizes them in 3D to protect their precise copies for descendants as the objects themselves may dissolve over time.

While encouraging create new articles of art, Artec also takes care of old artifacts and buildings by digitizing them in 3D. That allows protecting their precise copies for descendants as the objects themselves may dissolve over time.


Product Description Artec 3D Eva Scanner

Remarkably light and transferable

Artec Eva 3D Scanner measures 850 grams (1.9lbs), making it movable. This hand-held device is useful in situations where you need to scan outside. As an example, a scene of a car accident. It is also useful for gadgets or items that you cannot move (like a museum).

High velocity and efficiency

Capturing and simultaneously preparing up to 288,000 points per second, Eva scans a dozen times quicker than a laser scanner. Eva provides high resolution (up to 0.5mm) and high accuracy (up to 0.1mm).

No markers, no EM tracking, no calibration

Eva 3D Scanner

Recently have tried to create an easy-to-use scanner, but Artec resulted. Eva does not require cumbersome calibration procedures at the commencement of each scanning assembly.

You do not need to install markers on the object before scanning with the Eva 3D Scanner. Eva does not utilize electromagnetic tracking, so metal objects in the room do not interfere with performance or accuracy.

Luminous colour

Artec Eva 3D Scanner captures color knowledge at 24 bits per pixel (bpp) with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels (mp). Since of that high quality, you can use Eva’s textured models in such industries as CG/Animation, forensics, and drug.

Achieving motion

Since Artec™ Eva 3D Scanner is, in substance, a 3D video camera; you can scan a changing object at up to 16 frames per second. This is extraordinarily important for the creation of special effects, medical and biomechanical research.

Software is combine

Artec 3D Scanner

The scanner includes Artec Studio, a powerful and continually evolving software program. Amongst other highlights, you can scan an object, fill holes, simplify the mesh, apply texture, even and measure the exterior.

Almost limitless possibilities

Many industries use Artec scanners for several determinations. Automotive, medicine, heritage preservation, computer graphics, design, forensics, education, reverse engineering, architecture, and quality check are just a rare industries where Artec technology is becoming essential.

Artec Eva 3D Scanner Features

  • Allow scanning in real time.
  • No special markers needed.
  • Easy to use.
  • It scans moving objects.
  • Extremely versatile use.
  • Virtually no setup time.
  • Highly mobile.
  • Have an extensive range of applications, including motion and still captures color and texture.
  • Affordable!


Eva 3D Scanner

The Artec Eva is very easy to use. Just push the switch on the unit and begin scanning an object by moving the scanner around. There is no concern about doing something wrong.

Both audio and visual cues guide you through the process should you need it. This individual helps overcome the knowledge curve significantly. It creates the odds of performing a top-quality scan on your first endeavor development significantly. Everything you don’t pick up on the front track you can return to and re-scan missed areas.

Once you complete the scan, the software goes to production. It joins the scans, fuses them into a 3D model. It later allows you to level and optimize the data to fill in gaps, increase sharpness, etc. If you have purchased texturing capabilities, you can apply a texture to the scan as well.

Artec 3D Scanner

Once you finish, you can gather the data in any number of compatible 3D file formats for export. That can accommodate a broad variety of 3D applications.

Overall, we found the Artec Eva to be innovative, affordable for a scanner in its class and very easy to use. Producing top character results without having to be an expert in 3D scanning and telemetry.

With all the incredible features combined in this package, we grant the Artec Eva the top place on our list of best 3D scanners. Nevertheless, the price is very high, so it is not considered a home 3D Scanner.